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Have you ever felt that you don’t get the appreciation you deserve and that you can’t show the world who you really are? You are not alone. I have felt like this for many years and I’m here to tell you how I found my way to overcome those feelings and was able to find my own voice in this world. 

I grew up with a dad that was not able to show me his support and appreciation. His favorite saying when I tried to add my opinion on family gatherings was that “children and fish have no voice”. This made me believe that my opinion was unimportant and that I was stupid. I believed this for many years and what you believe you become. I stopped trying to be good at school and I felt very ashamed when sharing my opinion in front of people.


I spend a lot of time with myself doing things that did not require being with others like drawing, painting or designing clothes for my dolls. I became one of the best in my school at arts and I finally got the appreciation I was longing after for so long. I had found my own “voice” without having to speak.

My creativity led me first through fashion design studies only to bring me back to my teenage passion: photography. 

Through photography I am now helping women to find their own voice and strength and through my images they receive the appreciation they truly deserve. I strongly believe that each person in this world has a message to share and that everybody is beautiful.


You deserve to be seen.