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  • Aneta Wolf

How to choose the right photographer for YOU

Who is the right photographer for you and how do you find him/her?There is two things main questions you should answer when booking a photographer:

  1. Do you like his/her images?

  2. Do you like his/her personality?

The answer to the first question is obvious. You should invest in the photographer that will get you exactly the kind of images that you love and need. There is no sense of booking a photographer that does Personal Branding Shootings in the studio when what you need is images in different environments. There is also no need to book a photographer that does personal branding shootings outside but you don’t like the images he or she is taking anyway. You will lose your time and money and the images will not create the effect that you want. The chance is also big that if you don’t like the images you will not want to post them because they might might damage your brand that you are trying to build or sustain.

The answer to the second question (Do you like his/her personality?) might be not so obvious, but it is actually very important to book a photographer that you will get along with. A personal branding shooting goes takes usually a few hours including as well preparation time to get to know your branding. Book a photographer that you can connect to! Test him/her during a phone conversation, a meeting over coffee or a skype chat.

  1. Does he/she understand your vision/your branding/your style?

  2. Is he/she asking clarifying questions?

  3. Do you know the values of the photographer? Can you connect to them?

  4. Is the photographer open to your suggestions?

  5. Do you like the photographer’s personality?

You are going to invest money in this shooting and you will spend many hours with your photographer. It is crucial that you two get along and that he/she understands what you need, so choose one that you feel comfortable with! So that was my tips on choosing the right photographer that fits you. Curious about Personal branding Photography? Contact me today!